Let's appreciate correctly applied false eyelashes

It is a personal pet hate of mine, seeing strip eyelashes not applied correctly or seeing too much glue on the tops of the lashes. If applied correctly the strip lash should be flush against the top lash line from inner corner of the eye to the outer. I do appreciate it is difficult for MUA's to get this right every time as sometimes the clients eyes water or they have jittery eyes. Yet it is best to get the strip in place whilst the glue is still drying and has pliability.

Another reason for an ill fitting falsie is the brand of lash,  the spine of the lash is too floppy or too rigid. This is why I only use lashes supplied by myself when making up faces.

To help you apply lashes to yourself at home I have the following tips for you; 

1. Use an adhesive that is black or clear in colour, try not to use glue tubes supplied in the packs of the lashes as they are usually white adhesive or have a metallic finish

2. Measure the lash against your own lash line before you glue, if the lash strip is too long, trim from the outer corner, not from the inner corner

3. Let the lash glue go tacky for about 20-30 secs before applying

4. Use a tilted mirror and look down into it. Don't apply straight on as you'll end up with a gap between your strip lash and your own lash line at the outer corner of the eyes

5. Use your tweezers to help apply the lashes or if you have long nails you've already got the tools

6. Colour the spine of the false lash in with liquid eyeliner. Sometimes the spines of the lashes are white, colour them in before you add a line of glue

7. Mink lashes have thicker spines than normal strip lashes. They are usually heavier lashes and you may have to trim the ends otherwise they will irritate your eyes. Again this is personal preference to use mink lashes. I personally do not use fur lashes or advocate the use of animal fur for lashes as there are so many fantastic cruelty free alternative products that are so similar in design. Huda Beauty uses natural fibres for her lash brand and they are still think and fluffy. You can now buy her lashes on Cult Beauty

8. Hide the spine of the lash with your eye makeup. Before you apply the lash, line your eyes with liner, shadow or pencil, then apply your lash. Then top up with your makeup to hide any gaps

9. Removing false eyelashes....my top tip is to use an oil free eye makeup remover and soak a flat cotton pad. Then place the pad over the eye and gently hold for 10 seconds, the remover will break down the adhesive. Swipe the pad away and the lashes will gently come away without pulling off half your eyelashes

10. Wedding makeup tip - for those teary eye moments, try to look up and let the air dry your eyes, try not to rub or dab the corners of the lashes too much otherwise you'll weaken the adhesive bond and the lashes will peel off....we've all seen Megan McKenna from Towie blubing lots and her lashes pinging off as a result - lets not let this happen to you on your important day