I had a request from my Facebook page to do a blog post on hiding bags under the eyes.

Why have I got bags? There are three reasons

  • Genes; if your parents have them you may inherit them! Thanks mum and dad, all I wanted was a pony
  • When you’re young, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, a diet full of salty foods and water retention can also lead to bags. If your bags are gone by lunchtime then it is probably fluid retention. You may want to use an extra pillow at night to elevate your head to reduce the swelling
  • As you get older, bags under your eyes will become a more permanent fixture. It’s a natural part of aging and something we all have to come to terms with sooner or later. The reason is simple: We all have fat in our faces, and it’s held in place by ligaments and muscles. As we get older, those ligaments and muscles weaken, and everything starts to sag — making the fat more visible

So apart from cosmetic surgery what else can we do? Well we reach for the makeup bag.

The rule of thumb is to conceal the shadow that the bag creates, rather than the actual bag itself.

This is how I would approach hiding bags underneath the eyes

1. Prep the skin with a primer

2. Apply foundation over entire face (including the eye bag)

3. With a cream concealer, a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, place/dot along in the shadow/crease of the bag. Blend outwards and upwards towards the outer corner of your eye, towards the temple

4. Place a dot of concealer in the inner corner of your eye and blend this downwards, (this will highlight this area and draw attention away from the bag. See my last post about highlight and contouring

5. Dust a highlighter along your cheekbone (not bag), again brushing outwards and upwards towards the outer corner of the eye, towards your temples

6. Put some lip gloss on and away you go.

Hope you find this blog post helpful? Please let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page if you have any requests for more makeup tips