I have had quite a few people ask me about my skin care routine. I have clear skin but only because I look after my skin. I also don’t have many wrinkles for my age, again I put this down to what I put on my face as believe me, my diet is not that great….I like chocolate far too much!

Firstly I try to stay out of the sun or at least protect my face with an SPF. I used to love my sunbeds and sun, but I don’t want to look older by having too many wrinkles and sun spots. If I want a tan, I fake it!

SO……step by step my skincare regime.

1. I take my makeup off using a gentle eye makeup remover. I don’t use wipes as they are quite a abrasive. With wipes you really have to rub your skin to get the makeup off, as I find with wipes they are not moist enough. I find by soaking a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and then resting the pad on my eyes will take off a great deal of the makeup rather than rubbing and causing friction on the delicate eye area (this can also cause wrinkles of repeated rubbing.

2. I then use the multi awarding winning Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Cleanser with a muslin cloth. I wet the cloth with warm water first, the heat from the cloth helps open up the pores. I then in gentle circular motions use the cleanser. Afterwards I warm up the cloth again and wipe of the excess.  The cleanser is very natural, using plant base products. The cleanser is a cult hit with Celebrities like Kate Hudson and even Orlando Bloom, so men….you have no excuse now

3. Next I tone my skin, I use distilled Witch Hazel on a cotton pad and wipe across my face, paying particular attention to the nose area where I find my pores are larger. The Witch Hazel will help close the pores and help tighten the skin. This is great for getting rid of blackheads around the nose area. You can buy Witch Hazel from any chemist or health food shop

4. My wonder treatment after toning is Tiffany Jane Facial Oil. This oil is fantastic, not only is it very moisturing, but smells and feels very expensive. I have used facial oils in the past which have cost  me a small fortune. These oils used to just sit on the skin rather than sink in. The oil contains 11 essential oils including Rosehip, which is a wonder oil that supermodels such as Miranda Kerr swear by it. If you click on the link you will be taken to Tiffany Jane Oil’s site. Quote HAN10 to receive an exclusive 10% off the oil. Trust me it will last you ages and is an investment for your skin

5. After placing the oil on my face I moisturse; I stick with the classics and have tried more expensive creams but always go back to Nivea Q10. Dr Nick Lowe, celebrity dermatologist has said that Nivea Q10 can help in skin protection. I use this moisturiser because it has an SPF in it and have certainly noticed a difference when it comes to the lessening of fine lines on my face. If I am abit rushed in the morning, I place a couple of drops of Tiffany Jane Oil into my palm and mix in with my moisturiser

So guys I hope you have found this blog useful. If you got any questions please comment below. Don’t forget your 10% discount at Tiffany Jane Oils, quote HAN10 in capitals