Skincare, the routine and the products…when should you be introducing the key players into your skincare? Questions that are often asked during my bridal makeup trials. I want you to have the best skin on your wedding day. Not only will the makeup look and feel more flawless but you will also have rejuvenated and younger looking skin - who doesn’t want that?

My brides vary in age and it seems it doesn’t matter the age we are still confused and miffed about what we should be using on our skin and the order in which it should be applied. I’ve focused on four age groups 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s (plus) and will be explaining the products to use, the order in which to use them and product suggestions.


Your 20s is the time to build the foundation blocks for your skin in later years to come.  It’s all about prevention so make sure your starting to use an SPF to protect from UV damage. You should also consider using a serum that’s an antioxidant as this age group is more exposed to use of electronics and pollution. Use a free radical serum with Vitamin C followed by a moisturiser with an SPF of at least Factor 30. Some women will still experience breakouts in their 20s so the key ingredients to look out for is Salicylic and Glycolic Acids, Salicylic being the stronger of the two. These acids are usually in a liquid form and work by exfoliating the skin, think of this as a toner. So cleanse, use an acid for exfoliation (limit use if you have sensitive skin) a serum and then sun protection.


This is the age that fine lines and pigmentation become more apparent, this is due to collagen and moisture levels dropping. The go to product for this age group is Retinol. Add Retinol to your evening skincare regime after you’ve cleansed your face and remember to use a high SPF in the daytime. To further help your skin, introduce Hyaluronic Acid, it’s not an acid like Glycolic which removes, Hyaluronic hydrates...this acid is usually found in serums so apply after retinol product.

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Fine lines will now become medium to deep wrinkles and Retinol should be taking centre stage. During your 30s you should have started on a low strength, gradually increasing. Now you can up the ante and use from 10% strength. Also introduce Peptides, I highly recommend, a firm favourite of mine, Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair. This serum should be used in the evening and a little tip for you, add a couple of drops into your foundation to add a bit of glow. This age group, your Oestrogen levels will be dropping so please use an SPF and always check the star rating on the back of the product, the more stars the better. Kiehl’s Ultra Light UV Defence SPF50 is a light consistency protection which does not make the skin feel greasy.


This may be the beginning period of pre-menopausal stages for women. Your skin will change as levels in elasticity and moisture will drop. Use products that will stimulate collagen production aka cell turnover. Continue with Retinol  and focus on hydration especially post menopausal women. Oils are great to use in the evening as part of your skincare regime and there are oils that contain Retinol 

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