Being a bridal makeup artist I’m always asked by the bride to be or the bridal party - what’s the plan for the morning of the wedding. During a wedding makeup trial with me I go through what to expect and do the morning of the wedding. I want my brides to feel secure in the knowledge that I know what I’m doing so provide the bride long before the big day a schedule of timings of who is getting made up and at what time. This schedule I tell the bride to share with her hairdresser so I can work with them and make the morning as streamline and stress free as possible. 

So my top tips for your wedding morning are:

• Its the early bird who catches the worm - I always advocate to all my brides to be - start early. This is the day that you’ve always dreamed of and wanted, you’ve spent a lot of money on this one day so get maximum enjoyment and time from it. By starting early you can tackle any unexpected glitches that may arise and time won’t be an added stress.

• Pick your dream team carefully - Your bridal party should be your support network and it should not be the other way around. You need reliable and calm people around you on your wedding morning. If you have members of your bridal party who you love dearly but are let’s say a bit needy, you don’t need them monopolising your morning. Stage the timing of their arrival to later in the morning, this will allow you time to reflect and contemplate the day ahead. The last thing you need to be doing is worrying about their problems. Maybe just have time in the morning with just your mother or best friend first and the rest of the bridal party can come later....especially if there’s small children involved. 

 • Have a Mary Poppins bag - Give this job to your Maid of Honour. This bag may never be needed but just in case you have it. It contains the essentials and will be a godsend should you need it. I will write another blog post on this subject shortly.

• Have time for you - if you can I always say have some ‘bride time’ if it’s having a bath in the morning first thing or going away with the photographer to take some bride snaps - do it! It’s your day not anyone else’s  

• Following on from the last, make sure you schedule time in with the photographer to get some bride photo shots. Time and time again I have seen photographers rush from groom to bride then to the venue and the bride didn’t get any shots of just her. No one wants photos of themselves first thing in the morning without any makeup on or their hair not done. I always make my brides up before the photographer comes. I can always touch up makeup if the bride wants these shots. Another tip is to get a photographer who works with an assistant, this way the assistant can be with the groom and you with the photographer.  

 • Buy a decent hanger - so the dry cleaning wire hanger look for your wedding dress to hang on will look awful in photographs. Top tip - Use the hanger provided by the bridal boutique or purchase a simple wooden or silk hanger. This way the photographer can take your dress away to photograph and it will hang nicely in photos.

• Create a music playlist - again a job for a bridesmaid perhaps. Choose your music carefully you need happy upbeat music and maybe drop the tempo gradually towards the end before you leave.  

• Feng Shui the room - The room where your going to get ready in is an important space. The larger the better. Hotel rooms have a notorious habit of being too small and cluttered. Ensure your bags and your bridal party bags are packed away and off the floor. Give this job to a bridesmaid to ensure the room is always kept tidy. This will help the photographer massively in their efforts to get great shots and they won’t have to do lots of cropping out of the overfilled bin or clothes scattered across the floor later on. Also ensure there is a chair for the hairdresser with a table and mirror and a chair with a table or space for the makeup artist. If they aren’t in the room when you arrive, ask reception to assist prior to the morning. Sometimes the hotel room your in is too small, some hotels have function rooms that aren’t being used in the morning/that day and may allow you to use the space to get ready....if you don’t ask you won’t know.

• Make sure you eat and stay will be a while till you eat again. After the ceremony you may get whisked off to have couple photos done or group shots. Then you may have speeches first before dinner. All the while you are talking, welcoming guests and ensuring everyone is having a good time - you can’t work on empty. Make sure you have some carbohydrates such as a piece of toast or a croissant to keep you going. If you can’t stomach the thought of bread try to have some fruit and sip water, tea etc.

• Have a book or spreadsheet of your suppliers with their names, company description (florist, photographer, celebrant etc) and contact number. Put the grooms number, best man and your/the grooms parents contact details on too. This spreadsheet is useful to hand to your maid of honour/bridesmaids if something happens and people need to be chased or contacted. Also put the number of a local taxi company on the sheet just in case there are transport issues. 

These are just some of my tips for the morning - I have loads and share them with my brides to be and look forward to meeting my 2019 brides. 

Photography Sung Blue Makeup on bridal party by Hannah's Makeup