A Mary Poppins bag? Yes a bag of tricks that contains everything and anything you may need on your wedding day. Having this bag stowed away in the wedding venue or bridal suite means if something happens you know where to go and it’s all in one bag. Your bridesmaids won’t have to go routing round trying to find these possible life savers.

Organising this bag can be the job of one of your bridesmaids or perhaps your Maid of Honour or another family member or friend who isn’t a bridesmaid but helps them feel included and useful. This bag may never be needed, but just in case, you have the ready.

Being a bridal makeup artist for several years, I have been part of many wedding mornings and know what essentials are always asked for or needed. I have made up brides and the bridal party at family homes, friends houses, hotel rooms, offices, outdoors, out houses, toilets and even in a utility room. Time and time again accidents, incidents, errors happen and they seem to happen on the most important occasions, upping the ante on the stress levels. So to minimise the pressure and tensions that may arise, I suggest packing the following essentials; 

• A small can of spray deodorant (useful for summer weddings, spray under wedding dress to stop dress sticking or leg chaffing

• Headache tablets (obvious reasons)

• Tampons 

• A small can of hairspray to calm fly away hairs

• Kirby grips, again after the hairdresser has left some bits of hair may escape and need pinning back

• Hayfever/allergy tablets, these help if your eyes are watery and if you have a cold they can help relieve some pressure from nasal congestion. Also charcoal tablets are handy to have too, they help with bloating and if you are wearing a dress whereby the fabric is either tight or does not have structure to it then you may worry about your bloated belly.

• Lip gloss, a lip pick me up to revive dry lips and can be applied without having to look in a mirror. Perfect to apply quickly just before your couple photographs during the reception. Failing that a small tin of Vaseline, perfect for dry/cracked lips but also good for dry patches on elbows, knees or hands.

• Perfume, your favourite perfume is a must to keep you smelling beautiful all day but lunging round a full size bottle will be heavy and you don’t want to break/lose your perfume. I suggest picking up a tester from the shop or decanting a small amount

• Blister plasters, if you’ve not worn in your shoes it might be wise to buy these plasters just in case as you’ll be on your feet all day long. They are usually clear and have padding to stop any rubbing or pain

• Small pack of pocket tissues for tears, colds or if you’ve run out of tissue 

• Eyelash glue, if your wearing strip lashes on your big day it is important to remember if you get a bit teary/emotional the lashes may ping up in the inner or outer corners. A small blob of glue will help secure the lashes again. Apply a small amount and allow to dry for a few seconds so it goes tacky and then stick back onto the lashes 

 • Mints, buy a small pack of mints not chewing gum and these will banish the dreaded Prosecco breath 

 • Scissors, I cannot tell you how many times I have lent my scissors out to the bridal party to cut price tags from dresses and those annoying ribbon hanger tags in the underarm of the dress. Small nail scissors work best

• A phone charger or a charging pack (charged) 

• Contact list of telephone numbers for suppliers and key wedding guests. Also a few numbers of local taxi companies. Many times I have witnessed transport suppliers letting brides down. I have even helped out on a couple of occasions transporting the bridal party to the venue

• An emery board, to file away a snagged nail  

 • A sewing time you visit a hotel or pull a cracker, keep the sewing never know it may come in handy on the day. Add a few small safety pins and dress maker pins to the kit....useful for flower buttonholes

Hampshire Bridal Makeup Artist Cut Crease Eyeshadow

Hampshire Bridal Makeup Artist